Working closely with growers, we combine
traditional plant science with data science

Working closely with growers, we combine traditional plant science with data science


Where plant science meets data science

In today’s data-driven world, it’s not possible for a human to analyze millions of data points interacting across time and uncover patterns to calculate highly accurate yield predictions. There are just too many factors involved to get it right, with a high degree of precision, and consistently. Yet, the path to the humanly impossible is still paved by people – people like the team at Motorleaf.

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Automated AI yield predictions: 2-3X more accurate than manual predictions

Take the guesswork out yield prediction thanks to
custom AI tailored to your greenhouse, location and
variety. Thanks to its incredible accuracy, our
automated yield predictions service helps you plan
with precision 1, 2 and 3 weeks in advance so you
optimize your operations, cut costs, reduce food
waste and grow predictably.

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Motorleaf dashboard on iPad
Motorleaf dashboard on iPad

The people behind Motorleaf

We are a group of thought leaders, technical gurus, support specialists and creative entrepreneurs with a shared mission to help greenhouses make smarter and more profitable decisions by leveraging the power of AI.

Daphne Preuss

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Dickson Dagondon

Co-Founder & Director of AI

Vandana Patel

Chief Technology Officer

Eugene Losev

Chief Commercial Officer

Claude Michaud

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer De Braga

Director of Sales & Marketing

Golrokh Araghi

Data Scientist

Carlos Bedoya

Software Developer


We are guided by a diverse team of seasoned industry veterans

Kirk Haney

Managing Partner – Radicle Growth

Alexander Meyer-Scharenberg

Investment and Portfolio Manager – FLUXUNIT – OSRAM Ventures

Daphne Preuess

Daphne Preuss

Jean-Philippe Coiteux

Director, Investments – Desjardins Capital


Recognized industry leaders


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