Indoor Farms and R&D Growth Chambers

Equipment, sensors and software to track your grow operation and research.

Motorleaf provides the equipment, sensors and software you need to monitor your crops and experimental plant varieties within indoor controlled environments. Whether for research or commercial cultivation, you now can record grow protocols and track your indoor climate conditions with ease.

Equipment and sensors

The Motorleaf Heart is a central control system that stores your grow data onsite, in safe keeping. It manages related climate control equipment and automatically transmits data for you to analyze with our new Grow Journal platform.

Motorleaf Space Sensors measure light intensity (PAR), the red/green/blue composition of LED lighting, humidity and temperature.

Motorleaf equipment works in tandem with Bluelab irrigation controls designed for indoor farms and growth chambers. Working together, Motorleaf equipment can collect data and monitor your irrigation systems, including water temperature, nutrients and pH.

See our hardware page for more information about the Heart, Space Sensor and Bluelab irrigation controls.

Ensure your lighting system is working the way you want

Are your HPS bulbs working at their best, or should you replace dimming bulbs? How do you know when it’s time to clean your lamps of dust and grime? How do you know if your LED light spectrum has the right proportions of red, green and blue light for your grow protocol? You can measure all these important lighting factors with the Motorleaf Space Sensor and Heart.

Ensure your lighting system is working the way you want
Experiment with new LED lighting recipes

Verify the absence of specific wavelengths of light

Know when you need maintenance

Test for consistent light intensity

Determine the right height to place lighting fixtures

Record lighting protocols and their effect on the yield and quality of your produce

Record, analyze and replicate your grow protocols

The Grow Journal software platform records your past grow conditions and their final outputs in terms of yield and quality, making this platform ideal for research and commercial production. The Grow Journal can import diverse data from your indoor farm or research facility, from lighting to irrigation, to climate control factors. Connecting your environmental controls to Motorleaf is straightforward, and our additional sensors will provide you with more precise recordings of your grow protocols. Review your data with ease, all in one place.

Know when a control system malfunctioned or needs maintenance

Track all common growth factors and inputs and see how they affect outputs, like yield and quality

Record high-performing grow protocols so you can replicate them with ease

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