Experience the Power of AI

Motorleaf enables powerful data-driven decision-making

Experience the Power of AI

Motorleaf enables powerful data-driven decision-making


3 Steps to Incredibly
Accurate Yield Predictions


Yield Prediction on Autopilot

Custom AI Unique to Your Greenhouse

Our harvest forecast service is custom-built just for you, using your greenhouse data and only works in your greenhouse.

Integrates With Your Existing 

Our AI uses your existing sensors and data so no significant changes to your greenhouse or business operations are needed.

Becomes Your Digital Prediction Assistant

Motorleaf’s AI is your digital assistant – not your replacement. Let your digital assistant do the grunt work so you can focus on what’s most important – growth!

We Never Share Your Data

Your data is always yours. We will never share your greenhouse data or use it for anyone else.


Here’s what everyone’s asking

Why is Motorleaf better than other methods to estimate vegetable harvests in greenhouses?

Many environmental and biological factors influence plant growth, so the simple measures used today for yield prediction are too limited. These measures are also prone to error and imprecise because they require manual measurements each week.

Using artificial intelligence, Motorleaf can analyze a multitude of growth factors and achieve more precise harvest estimates. Our algorithms actually learn and become more accurate over time when trained with data that is consistent and complete.

What value and return on investment should I expect from AI yield prediction?

Motorleaf strives to provide at least a 2x – 3x return on investment to customers purchasing our artificial intelligence technologies. There are many sources of value, cost savings and other monetary benefits from our harvest forecasts.

What do I need to provide Motorleaf to setup AI yield prediction in my greenhouse?

All you have to do is share your greenhouse data with us so we can develop your harvest yield service and fine-tune it over time.

What else can AI do with my greenhouse data?

The possibilities with AI are endless! We have other services in our product roadmap and we will offer them free of charge to our customers for a limited time.