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Use your greenhouse data to streamline operations and cut costs

Greenhouse Technology

Rising energy costs, growing labour shortages and increasing competition are squeezing already tight profit margins for commercial greenhouse cultivators. The time is now to gain new means to cut costs and promote the profitability of your farm. New high-tech tools provide the solutions you seek. From artificial intelligence, simple and practical software and solutions: Motorleaf is ready to provide your 10+ acre hydroponic greenhouse with first-in-class technologies proven to improve greenhouse operations around the world.

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Benefit from the latest greenhouse automation technology with ZERO risk

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Start your FREE TRIAL of our artificial intelligence services today. There is no charge unless we prove that you can automate important tasks in your greenhouse with our technology.

Improve ROI

We price our artificial intelligence greenhouse technology services so you obtain 2X to 3X return on investment.

Ready to Go

You need to make no significant changes to your greenhouse or business operations to benefit from our services.

Motorleaf never shares any of your greenhouse information with anyone.

With support from agriculture industry leaders, Motorleaf invested millions of dollars to bring these services to greenhouse farmers like you. Our services are custom made for your greenhouse–all artificial intelligence services we build for you are unique and will only work at your farm.

The value our technology will bring to you

Harvest Prediction

Cut costs; better plan marketing and sales campaigns; better plan labour needs; let your lead agronomists focus on business development rather than counting fruits and flowers; get harvest estimates more than twice more accurate than what you predict currently: these are some of the many benefits of our automated, accurate harvest forecasts.

Virtual Agronomists

Gain the equivalent power of thousands of agronomists by using artificial intelligence to analyze your farm data to make predictions about your future greenhouse outputs.

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You likely have a wealth of greenhouse data available now that you can use to streamline your daily tasks–data is “a lot of information”. From past records of harvest yields in notebooks and spreadsheets, to records of your greenhouse growing conditions, it all has value once Motorleaf unlocks your data’s potential. Our team of data scientists and customer success experts will work with you to collect your greenhouse data needed to build your custom AI technologies.

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