Frequently Asked Questions about Harvest Forecast Services

Why is Motorleaf better than other methods to estimate vegetable harvests in greenhouses?

Given that many environmental and biological factors influence plant growth, the simple measures used today for harvest forecasting are too limited. These measures are also prone to error and imprecise because they require manual measurements each week.

Using artificial intelligence, Motorleaf can analyze a multitude of growth factors and achieve more precise harvest estimates. Our AI technology of machine-learning algorithms actually learns and becomes more accurate over time when trained with data that is consistent and complete.

How will automated and precise harvest forecasts benefit my greenhouse?

Marketing and sales professionals acquire better means to price produce and can better time promotions and discounts by knowing future supply and surpluses of produce.

Greenhouse owners will better manage labour by knowing beforehand how many pickers and packers they require to bring their harvests to market.

What value and return on investment should I expect from automated harvest forecasts?

Motorleaf strives to provide at least a 2x to 3x return on investment to customers purchasing our artificial intelligence technologies. There are many sources of value, cost savings and other monetary benefits from our harvest forecasts.

What is artificial intelligence (AI) and how does it “train” or “learn” tasks in farming?

Artificial intelligence is computer technology, being sophisticated software that can strengthen its ability to process information as the software learns from past and present situations. “Past and present situations” are information in the form of data. By presenting the software with large amounts of data–known as a “learning phase” or “training”–the software can find complex patterns within that data. Once the software determines the patterns, we can provide the software with new information and request that it predict a final result.

By training our software with your greenhouse data, we can have it make an accurate prediction of your future harvest yields.


What do I need to provide Motorleaf to obtain your automated harvest forecasts?

You will need to share your greenhouse data with us so we can develop your harvest yield service and fine-tune it over time.

Do you use my greenhouse data to develop products for greenhouse customers other than my own greenhouse?

No, Motorleaf does not share or use your data to develop products for anyone else. We do not merge (or ‘aggregate’) greenhouse data to develop our artificial intelligence technologies.

Must my greenhouse purchase new equipment to get automated harvest forecasts?

No, our automation technology requires no robots or advanced robotic equipment.

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