Practical Equipment and Sensors to Monitor Your Crops

Simple tools to record and view your growing conditions.

Motorleaf Equipment & Software

Know that your greenhouse, indoor farm or R&D growth chambers are operating at their best by monitoring your growth conditions. Easy to install, wireless sensors and equipment from Motorleaf measure and record the indoor climate conditions most important for your crops.

Large scale greenhouses can use this equipment to gather data on their growing conditions that Motorleaf will use to further increase the predictive power and accuracy of our automated harvest forecasting and crop disease scouting services.

All our equipment encrypts wireless data transmissions so they meet finance-industry standards for cybersecurity. You can choose to keep all your data onsite, or securely transmit it to the Motorleaf cloud to obtain more services.   


The Heart is a central control unit that controls equipment and collects data of your internal growing conditions from environmental control systems (a.k.a., climate control systems) and sensors. Basic control functions include setting timers for lighting and sending alarm notifications for mechanical breakdowns. Data collects on the Heart via wireless connection and then is uploaded to the Grow Journal for you to analyse–all this data remains in safekeeping on-site at your farm.

The Heart can also upload data to Motorleaf cloud storage for the subsequent development of Motorleaf artificial intelligence services (i.e., automated harvest forecasts and disease scouting).

Space Sensor

The Space Sensor measures the primary growth factors of humidity, temperature, total light (PAR) and the relative quantity of red, green and blue wavelengths of light. Once sent wirelessly to the Heart, these measures of internal growing conditions appear in the Grow Journal and provide data to fine-tune our harvest forecasts and disease scouting services for large-scale hydroponic greenhouses.

Distributed throughout your grow operation, our sensors will show you if your indoor climate conditions are consistent or if crop condensation is a problem.

You can identify underperforming HPS bulbs you should replace and light fixtures that need cleaning.

Simple light measures make tests for consistent light intensity practical, enable you to determine the right height to place lighting fixtures, and provide means to record lighting protocols and their effect on the yield and quality of your produce.

You can measure the composition of red, green and blue wavelengths of your LED lights to plan and experiment with new lighting recipes.

Grow Journal

See your growing conditions in real-time with our new software

Analysing the information recorded by Motorleaf and Bluelab sensors and equipment is straightforward. All measures of your environmental growth conditions appear in our software, the Grow Journal. Presented in simple graphs and streamlined formats, you can use the Grow Journal to see what is working, what needs to change, and what went wrong if your harvests deviate from expected measures of quality and quantity.

See your growing conditions in real-time with our new software

Commercial Greenhouse

Commercial greenhouse operators growing on multiple acres under glass.

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Indoor farmer

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Growth Chamber

Growth chambers, designed for R&D and testing facilities.

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