Automated Crop Disease and Pest Scouting in beta

Automated Crop Disease and Pest Scouting in beta

Protect your crops and your profits by knowing when disease and pests will strike

You can automate crop disease scouting in your greenhouse using the latest artificial intelligence technology.

Automated crop disease scouting is Motorleaf’s new greenhouse automation service. We started initial trials of this technology with a handful of greenhouse clients and the results for hydroponic tomatoes are promising. We would like to further test our capacities and expand our list of pests and diseases we can predict.

Clavibacter and whitefly

Our early-stage results show that we can predict hydroponic tomato plants at risk for clavibacter and whitefly.

Intervene to stop spread of disease

With this knowledge, growers can intervene quickly to stop the spread of disease using less pesticides and sacrificing fewer plants. Motorleaf can also track how disease outbreaks will impact your future harvest yields so you can plan ahead if your production levels fall short.

Reduce Costs, Protect Harvests

In addition to reducing costs and protecting your harvests, you get a competitive advantage from promoting to your buyers healthy produce grown with fewer pesticides.

Free trial with no risk

Contact us today and tell us about diseases and pests in your hydroponic greenhouse that are compromising your tomato or pepper harvests. Our data science team will conduct an assessment and determine how our technology can benefit your business. Motorleaf is eager to implement our technology at your greenhouse. There is no risk to you. You get a free trial of our automated disease scouting technology and there is no charge unless we can show you that Motorleaf can predict the onset of specific pests in your greenhouse.

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