Precise and automated harvest yield forecasts and crop disease scouting. The latest AI technology for hydroponic commercial greenhouses

Precise and automated harvest yield forecasts and crop disease scouting. The latest AI technology for hydroponic commercial greenhouses

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Technology for commercial hydroponic greenhouses under glass

Get your own high-tech crystal ball and see the future of your greenhouse operations. You can now automate harvest estimates and obtain yield forecasts twice more accurate than the methods you use today and know if your crops are at risk for whitefly or clavibacter pests. Better plan marketing, labor and operations by knowing the accurate amount of vegetables you will produce weeks in advance. Greenhouse clients obtain 2X to 3X return on investment using our technology and so should you!

Technology for commercial hydroponic greenhouses under glass
Streamline operations and reduce costs

Get precise insights of your greenhouse crops

Integrates with your existing greenhouse climate control systems

Automate important greenhouse tasks

“We’ve worked with Motorleaf for over a year now in our tomato greenhouses and it’s been amazing. Week by week, through dialling in their [AI technology], they’ve been able to reduce the one and two-week prediction error rate—reduced that by more than 70% over that time period.

Victor Krahn – Greenhouse owner of SunSelect and Motorleaf customer

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Predict crop pests before they become a menace

You can identify greenhouse zones at risk of common parasites such as clavibacter and whitefly for tomatoes. Now you can intervene quickly to stop the spread of disease using less pesticides and sacrificing fewer plants.

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Motorleaf Grow Journal: track what works and what needs to change

Growers have few means to visualize data of their growing conditions, which makes it difficult for you to optimize grow protocols and make business decisions on past farming practices. The Grow Journal collects data of growing conditions and stores a historical record of grow protocols associated with farm outcomes, such as harvest yield and quality.

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Equipment for Indoor Farms and Growth Chambers

Monitor lighting, irrigation, temperature, humidity and more.Easy to install, Motorleaf’s wireless hardware will collect and transmit data about your indoor growing conditions for your farm or research facility. Our software enables you to view your data in a practical, simple format, showing you what’s working and what you need to adjust.

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“We are impressed with Motorleaf’s technology for predicting our weekly and bi-weekly harvest. They are much more accurate than our own forecasts. The fact Motorleaf reduced our yield forecasting error rate from the other side of the planet is incredible. Their artificial intelligence service is our new standard for greenhouse forecasting. We are expanding their service to a second greenhouse.”

Greenhouse client from Japan
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