What Could Incredibly

Accurate Yield Predictions

Do For Your Greenhouse?

Take the guesswork out of yield prediction

thanks to custom AI tailored to your

greenhouse, location and variety

What Could Incredibly
Accurate Yield Predictions Do For Your Greenhouse?

Take the guesswork out of yield prediction thanks to custom AI tailored to your greenhouse, location and variety

Motorleaf dashboard on iPad
Motorleaf dashboard on iPad


Increase your accuracy by 3X

Thanks to its incredible accuracy, our automated yield prediction service helps you predict your yield with impressive accuracy 1, 2 and 3 weeks in advance so you can better plan your operations, cut costs, reduce food waste and grow predictably. 

Our core interest is engineering productivity — the ability to succeed at a task in the least amount of time possible. 


Wondering what automated AI yield predictions can do for you? We can’t wait to tell you all about it!



We partner with organizations to transform agriculture and make growing more effective, efficient and sustainable.



We work with journalists and bloggers to share compelling stories about the future of agriculture and offer expertise on agritech and AI.


How Can Motorleaf AI Yield
Predictions Help Your Business?

reduce cost

Reduce Costs

Plan labour, packaging and shipping to more effectively control your resources and reduce unnecessary costs.

avoid losses

Avoid Losses

Prevent having to buy at inflated prices when you’re short and sell at a loss when you’re long.

cut food waste

Cut Food Waste

Avoid having to waste food you couldn’t sell so more (or all!) of what you grow goes to the people who need it.

save time

Save Time

Automated predictions save you time so you can focus on what’s most important to grow your business.

Grow Worry Free

Grow Worry Free

Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that you can meet your sales commitments without worry.

Incredible Accuracy

Incredible Accuracy

Benefit from yield estimates that are 2 – 3X more accurate than manual predictions.

Is your Greenhouse eligible for Motorleaf?


3 Steps to Incredibly
Accurate Yield Predictions


Yield Prediction on Autopilot

Custom AI Unique to Your Greenhouse

Our harvest forecast service is custom-built just for you, using your greenhouse data and only works in your greenhouse.

Integrates With Your Existing

Our AI uses your existing sensors and data so no significant changes to your greenhouse or business operations are needed.

Becomes Your Digital Prediction Assistant

Let your digital assistant do the grunt work so you can focus on what’s most important – growth!

We Never Share Your Data

Your data is always yours. We will never share your greenhouse data or use it for anyone else.


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