“SunSelect has been working with the Motorleaf team in closed BETA since May 2017. We have a total of 150+ acres under glass in two locations (Canada & USA) producing Tomatoes and Bell Peppers in such quantities as to put us in the top 5 producer category for North America. For us (and any commercial size operation) knowing/predicting exactly what quantity of product we’ll have each week is one of the top metrics we obsessively track. Like most commercial greenhouses, our ability to predict something so dynamic as Yield is almost impossible to get right. Our error rates bounce between 5% to over 35% in some weeks. Motorleaf is now our new standard for predicting yield. The integration was easy, non-invasive and I think shows amazing promise to become the new industry standard.”
Victor Krahn
Partner/Owner – SunSelect

Using the millions of data points collected from your environmental controller, we combine your expertise with our data scientists to build custom, data-driven solutions that give accurate yield predictions, with a significant improvement for the employee or consultant tasked with yield forecasting.

Weekly Yield Prediction: Algorithm vs. Greenhouse

Weekly Yield Prediction: Algorithm vs. Greenhouse

This graph shows the algorithm predicting on a weekly basis, compared to how a Motorleaf customer’s greenhouse predicted their yield.

Errors of greenhouse forecasts are higher and more frequent than Motorleaf’s algorithm.

The occurrence of a significant greenhouse prediction error is significant (defined as a prediction error of at least 15%). Motorleaf algorithms have historically achieved as high as a 50% reduction in the occurrence of significant errors.

A Typical Greenhouse Yield Prediction

While working with this 70+ acre greenhouse in California, we’ve cut our customer’s yield prediction error rates by close to half.

A Typical Greenhouse Yield Prediction

Why is more accurate yield forecasting important for your business?

Stop selling your produce for pennies on the dollar, when unexpected excess crop production occurs.

Plan your labor needs more accurately. Less last minute changes means you’ll know who you’ll need to work, and when!

Focus on running your business the best way possible, rather than dealing with unexpected production levels that culminate in buying produce from other producers to fill orders.

Spending money on in-store promotions can lose your business money if actual production is not in sync with future in-store promotions.

More reliable data/forecasts help with interactions with your banks / financial institutions.

Why is more accurate yield forecasting important for your business?
The Motorleaf Solution

The Motorleaf Solution

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