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Our Mission

Our Mission

Gardeners, coders, new product specialists, geeks and some old timers – we’re a mixed bag here at Motorleaf. Born in one of North America’s largest hubs for Artificial Intelligence, Motorleaf is poised to disrupt the agricultural industry by using its Agronomist.ai software platform to monitor and predict environments through sensor data. Delivering actionable, data-driven insights to greenhouse operators and indoor farmers is our M.O. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence for yield predictions improvements and optimization, we are committed to helping greenhouse operators match their supply with demand dynamics to help them optimize their marketing dollars, plan their labour needs, and increase their margins. We connect growers to their plants, and to each other.


Who We Are

Meet the team working to make every product more exciting for you.

Ramen CTO & Co-Founder

Ramen likes things like code, math problems and wiring. He is by all accounts a complete and utter Geek. He does however have an exceptional analytical, and IT engineer like aptitude for building amazing pieces of hardware which was handy when dreaming up Motorleaf. A McGill graduate in Agricultural Engineering / Environmental studies. Ramen still grows vegetables using the 1st Motorleaf prototype. This was all his initial idea.

Ally CEO & Co-Founder

Ally wakes up each morning feeling hungry. Hungry for company growth, hungry for new product features, and hungry for new happy customers. A native from the UK, Ally has lived and worked within North America since 1999. He has a history of success within technology companies, providing his 3 children, wife and dog (Floyd) a life filled with nature and opportunity. Ally loves to K.I.S.S. – just look at our software 😉

Scott CoFounder / Director of AI

With a Masters in Electrical Engineering from McGill and a passion for Artificial Intelligence, Scott helps Motorleaf build amazing hardware that incorporates AI and Machine Learning. As we like to say “AI is not a buzz word, it’s our product”

Cary Goldwax
Cary Goldwax Executive Director

​Cary is a seasoned chief operator, angel investor and active mentor for Real Ventures (FounderFuel), 500 startups Canada and the International Startup Festival. He has over 250 million dollars of exits under his belt and is a strong proponent of boosting Canada’s tech scene on the world scale.

The Motorleaf Board of Directors

Kirk Haney
Kirk Haney Managing Partner – Radicle Growth

Board Executive Chairman

Alexander Meyer-Scharenberg
Alexander Meyer-Scharenberg Investment and Portfolio Manager – FLUXUNIT – OSRAM Ventures

Board Member

Cary Goldwax
Cary Goldwax

Board Member

Jean-Philippe Coiteux
Jean-Philippe Coiteux Director, Investments – Desjardins Capital

Board Observer

Alastair Monk
Alastair Monk CEO Motorleaf

Board Member

The Motorleaf Team

Ray Richards
Ray Richards Product Director

Karin VP Sales

Peter Oram
Peter Oram National Sales Director

Nicholas Software developer

Hanie Software developer

Rachel Software developer

Austin Software developer

Hasan Data Sciientist

Adama Data Scientist

Nazanin Software Team Lead

Jason Marketing & Communications

Angela Support Manager

Jennifer Customer Success Lead

Meghan Graphic & UI Design



Meet our advisors

Victor Krahn
Victor Krahn Co-owner of Sunselect

Victor is the co-owner of sunselect which has 150 acres of tomatoes,peppers and cucumbers. These farms are now one of the largest greenhouse bell pepper producers in North America!

Jelena Neylan
Jelena Neylan

Jelena comes to the table with many years of success as a financial analyst, trader, and international finance expert. add to that a keen sense of what a young company needs to do to be financially secure and ready to grow, Jelena is also a hands-on mentor and advocate of Motorleaf’s growth strategy.

Jean-Lou Paquet
Jean-Lou Paquet Partner at BDG&Partners

Jean-Lou joined Motorleaf’s Board in 2017. Having served as the CFO for Distech Controls before and during their 350MM Dollar+ acquisition, he knows a thing or two about IoT enabled technology. In fact the founder of Distech Controls is also an investor in Motorleaf, a vote of confidence we very much appreciate and aim to live up to with the help of great company management and guidance.


Floyd – CWO (chief walkies officer)

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