Indoor Farms

Indoor Farms

Thinking of building your dream smart farm? With an integrated, modular, and intuitive environmental control system, Motorleaf has you covered.

Wireless Environmental Monitoring & Nutrient Control

Using the software, monitor all the most important environmental conditions in your farm. Plus, control your lights, HVAC, humidifiers, irrigation, C02 generators, pH & nutrient delivery systems, and more.

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Crop Protocol

Motorleaf’s ‘OneClickGrow’ technology is designed to make repeatable, reliable, and intelligent crop production a reality. Before you experience the future – simply enjoy intuitive, best in class software so anyone within your organisation can understand what was grown, how, and what works best. Oh yes – we nearly forgot to mention: you can also add user- generated content, share different access levels with colleagues, and watch time-lapse videos synced to your environmental data.

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Crop Growth Index

Available as a stand alone feature or wrapped up within your Crop Protocol, Motorleaf has designed an easily deployed solution for tracking the precise growth speed of your crop. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, Motorleaf’s proprietary algorithms will create easy to understand graphs with comparable growth charts for your crops.

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Software Built For Indoor Farmers

Your yields reflect your environment. Streamline your growth process with a best-in-class monitoring software to ensure your crop is perfect, just like you.


Every 4 seconds, Motorleaf’s suite of wirelessly connected devices collect data on your light spectrum (red, bue, green, infrared, ultraviolet), light intensity, C02, relative humidity, air temperature, water temperature, water level, pH, and TDS. In addition, you can collect picture + video data (time lapse and real time), directly integrated into the dashboard.


Security is our North Star. Our team includes security experts who have serviced Fortune 500 customers including Fedex and the governments of Canada and the United States. Your data is treated with the highest level of respect and paranoia it deserves!

Custom Solutions

Do you have multiple farms to manage? We can provide a custom solution to ensure the reliability of data collection and monitoring across all of your operations.


Accesibility is not an afterthought. Without apps to update, any wirelessly connected device gives you 24/7 access to your data

Funded for your growth

Motorleaf is funded by some of the best venture funds in the world, with an eye on scaling to meet the ever changing needs of our greenhouses worldwide. The genie is out of the bottle now, and we’re planting our flag in the ground by saying that artificial intelligence and machine learning will become as common within greenhouses as sunlight.


Support is available from our North American offices. Feel the Motorleaf difference with phone and ticket support. We love to spend time with our clients and will be more than happy to hand deliver some Canadian maple syrup when we do!

“Sleep Well, Grow Well”

This isn’t our motto for nothing. With, you’ll be alerted when the thresholds you set for your environment go out of line. With wireless access to your dashboard, adjust your settings while you drink your morning coffee.

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"Sleep Well, Grow Well"

Hardware That’s Easy

Motorleaf’s hardware allows you to monitor and control your garden. Do you already have environmental controls in place but prefer to collect additional data? With a system that is as flexible as it is easy to use, Motorleaf has you covered.

Compatible with soil, hydroponic & aeroponic systems

Online and Stealth Mode (Offline) capability

Turn-key automation solution using one or more Motorleaf hardware devices

Data stored locally within hardware, and/or on the cloud

Hardware That's Easy

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Happy Customers

Join satisfied customers using the Motorleaf solution

Eric Bergeron - Smart Greens

I like simple things, and sometimes the hardest thing to do is to simplify things. Other technologies that we have used were very complex. It took a long time to learn, was difficult to run, and had its problems. Motorleaf has helped us reverse that.

Eric Bergeron – Smart Greens
Ryan Pierce - Fresh Impact Farms

The customer service has been exceptional. In this industry, you need to find a partner that is willing to work with you to go the extra level and help your business succeed. The team at Motorleaf is certainly willing to do that.