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The Heart is the center of Motorleaf’s monitoring and automation system. It can operate separately to monitor air temperature, relative humidity, and light levels and it can connect to the Powerleaf, Droplet, Driplet, Space Sensor and Space Sensor Plus to monitor and control what’s important.

  • Control your grow environment.
  • Control your root feeder pump and lights with an internal timer measured by the second. View your data in graph form.
  • Configure email and desktop alerts for important set points throughout your indoor environment.
  • Ethernet and Wifi Capabilities.
  • Calibrate sensors.
  • Plug in our preferred IP camera for general video monitoring and motion detection functionality
  • Online and Stealth Mode (Offline) capability.
  • Custom alerts work while in online mode (other than via desktop while in Stealth mode).


The Droplet wirelessly sends data to the Heart every 4 seconds, monitoring your water reservoir water level, temperature, pH levels and nutrient (TDS) levels. The Droplet can connect wirelessly to the Powerleaf(s) via the Heart to control reservoir fill pumps, reservoir chillers and reservoir heaters.

*Please note that the Motorleaf system requires each customer to purchase 1x Heart device in order for other devices to connect.

The Droplet monitors everything inside your water reservoir:

  • Water level
  • Water temperature
  • Nutrient concentration
  • pH level

The Droplet comes pre-calibrated and the simple process of re-calibrating the sensors only needs to be done once per year. We don’t use cheap sensors, they are built to last.


Wirelessly connect the Driplet to your Heart and Droplet to automate the delivery of pH and nutrients to your reservoir using a timer setting, or automated delivery based upon live sensor readings, using 4 peristaltic pumps.

You can even connect the Heart to multiple Driplets, giving you the freedom to dose different reservoir tanks at the same time.

*The Driplet can only be installed with a Droplet + Heart connected.

The Driplet controls:

  • pH Up
  • pH Down
  • Nutrient A
  • Nutrient B


The Powerleaf automates your environment. Provided you have a Motorleaf Heart, each Powerleaf automates and controls any two pieces of grow equipment, from your HVAC to your feeder pumps, and everything in between. If it turns on and off, you can connect it to the Motorleaf system. The Heart will connect wirelessly with each Powerleaf and tell them to turn on/off your equipment based upon pre-set times OR sensor readings from the Heart, Droplet, Space Sensor or Space Sensor Plus

*Please note that the Motorleaf system requires 1 x Heart device in order for other units to connect.

With the Powerleaf you can automate:

  • Lights
  • Air cooler
  • Humidifier
  • Heater
  • Dehumidifier
  • Fans
  • Feeder bumps
  • Reservoir fill pump*
  • Reservoir heater*
  • Reservoir chiller*

*Needs Motorleaf DROPLET to be connected

Easily customize setpoints for when your devices will turn ON/OFF

Quickly scale your operation by wirelessly connecting up to 9 Powerleaf’s to a single Motorleaf Heart. Each Powerleaf can operate 2 pieces of equipment – two of the same kind (example – two heaters) or two different (example – a heater plus a fan).


The Space Sensor is a wireless, modular device that measures light levels (PAR), relative humidity, temperature and Red, Green, Blue (RGB) light spectrums.


The Space Sensor Plus captures the same data as the Space Sensor, and more.

Enjoy a deeper understanding of your environment with added Co2, UV and IR light sensors.



Your yields reflect your environment. Streamline your growth process with a best-in-class monitoring software to ensure your crop is perfect, just like you. Monitor, control, and predict with Agronomist.ai


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