May 2017 – The Day Everything Changed For Commercial Greenhouses

Motorleaf installs its platform into a 70-acre tomato greenhouse and cuts yield prediction error rates by half

“I’m proud to say that SunSelect is not only a client, but we will be helping Motorleaf roll out an increasing number of solutions to the benefit of every Motorleaf client worldwide. Their latest algorithm is close to cutting our yield prediction error rates in half, and goes without saying is a game changer that no one saw coming!”
Victor Krahn – Partner/Owner – SunSelect

Custom Yield Prediction

The world’s first commercially available yield prediction, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Motorleaf has cut yield prediction error rates in half using its proprietary algorithms that are tailored to fit each client’s unique greenhouse and crop production method. It feels like magic, and works like a charm!

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Grow Journal

Motorleaf’s ‘OneClickGrow’ technology is designed to make repeatable, reliable, and intelligent crop production a reality. Before you experience the future, simply enjoy intuitive, best in class software so anyone within your organisation can understand what was grown, how, and what works best.

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Crop Growth Index

Available as a stand alone feature or wrapped up within your Grow Journal, Motorleaf has designed an easily deployed solution for tracking the precise growth speed of your crop. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, Motorleaf’s proprietary algorithms will create easy to understand graphs with comparable growth charts for your crops.

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Master Grower Approved Software –

Let us focus on giving you the best tools for your team, so you can focus on running your business. “Stick to what you know” – and we know agricultural software, infused with artificial intelligence and machine learning. When was the last time you loved using software?


Accessibility is not an afterthought. Without apps to update, any wirelessly connected device gives you 24/7 access to your data.


Environmental control system agnostic. We’ll work with what you have. If data gaps exist, add Motorleaf hardware to fill in the blanks.


Security is our North Star. Our team includes security experts who have serviced Fortune 500 customers including Fedex and the governments of Canada and the United States. Your data is treated with the highest level of respect and paranoia it deserves!


Support is available from our North American offices. Feel the Motorleaf difference with phone and ticket support. We love to spend time with our clients and will be more than happy to hand-deliver some Canadian maple syrup when we do!

Funded for your growth

Motorleaf is funded by some of the best venture funds in the world, with an eye on scaling to meet the ever changing needs of our greenhouses worldwide. The genie is out of the bottle now, and we’re planting our flag in the ground by saying that artificial intelligence and machine learning will become as common within greenhouses as sunlight.

Custom Insights

If you have invested in an environmental control system, you likely have years of data sitting on a server, gathering dust. Unlock your data’s potential: use custom Ai-insights that do the work of thousands of agronomists, in a matter of days. Custom insights can bring to the surface predictions, analysis and recommendations. Making data-driven decisions has never been so easy!

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